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23 June 2015 @ 06:15 pm
Johnny's WEST 1st Photobook  
After 3 weeks of waiting, I finally received my own copy of Johnny's WEST 1st Photobook!!!
I was laying in bed because I was still a bit tired, and my mom was already up. It was 11am, and my mom opened the door and discovered a package on the ground. I didn't pay much attention because I assume it was my sister's because she buys so much stuff online, she gets mails almost everyday. But my oldest sister read the name who it was for and she said my name! I sprang right up and grab the package! I felt so wide awake after that!

Every picture was so perfect, I love it so much!! I'm glad to have bought it.
I bought it from CDJapan and I choose the cheapest shipping since I don't have that much. That site is consider okay, but I would buy other merchandise with better shipping. I had no tracking code so I was worry about my package if it got lost or something.